Maori Language Moment

Waiata: Members of the Gisborne District Council's waiata group Nga Manu Tioriori perform waiata for the Maori Language Moment at midday yesterday. From left are Rose Lee, Coralie Campbell-Whitehead, Zandria Taare, Tyson Kingi and Michelle Kupenga. Picture by Paul Rickard


Maori Language Moment

Published Gisborne Herald September 15, 2020


Over one million people signed up and took part in yesterday's Maori Language Moment as part of Te Wiki o te reo Maori.

People who signed up on the tuku te reo Maori website committed to doing something in te reo Maori at midday — whether that be saying “kia ora” to someone, performing a karakia before their lunch, singing a waiata, anything to promote the language.

Gisborne District Council's staff waiata group Nga Manu Tioriori performed in the courtyard area at the HB Williams Memorial Library.

EIT Tairawhiti had a crossword competition for which every answer was in te reo Maori.

Lytton High School held a march and performed a waiata.

Even though it was only a moment, speaking te reo Maori can be spoken whenever and wherever you want . . .

■ Make “kia ora” your first choice of greeting to everyone you speak to.

■ Prepare your whanau, friends or workplace to speak te reo Maori for the hour.

■ Open your news bulletin with te reo Maori.

■ Host a “korero kai” for lunch where you only speak in te reo Maori.

■ Start lunch off with a karakia for kai.

■ Order your coffee in te reo Maori.

■ Set a “reo Maori only” zone within your workplace or home.