I know I had some overdue fines on my card - will I still have to pay those? 

NO. All outstanding overdue fines are in the process of being cleared. The only charges remaining on your library membership will be for rentals or items that were either lost or returned damaged, and any associated administration charges.

I haven't been to the library in a longtime, do I still have an account? 

Check with a librarian, you may need to rejoin the library, it's free to join.

If we remove fines won’t that mean no one will return their books? 

NO.  Overseas evidence has shown that people are more likely to return books once fines are removed. 

People feel embarrassed when they have fines, and often stop using the library. 

Will there still be an incentive for people to return borrowed items? 

YES. There are still measures in place to encourage the return of borrowed items i.e.

  • We will be charging replacement cost for lost books if not returned by the set time. 
  • Once a certain amount of debt is owing patrons can’t borrow anything else until items are returned. 
  • Maximum loan limits still apply. 
  • Email reminders will still be sent before and after due dates. 

Will removing fines result in increased borrowing?

YES. Removing fines tends to result in more customers borrowing more items. 

Aren’t fines part of the core business of Libraries? Libraries have always charged fines, haven’t they? If it worked for so long why stop them? 

NO.  Overdue fines are meant to encourage the return of borrowed items but in fact, drive people away from Libraries. 

Books don’t get returned and patrons instead stop using the service. 

Will removing fines result in increased membership and retention?

YES. Once members have fines, they often stop using libraries, and their membership lapses.

Do overdue fines impact some sectors of the community more than others? 

YES.  Fines are punitive, affecting mostly those who cannot afford to pay and preventing their use of libraries. For those living in rural locations in addition to the rising cost of fuel it is often not a simple matter to just ‘pop into the library’ to return books on time.   

I am not a library member, how do I join? 

You can start the process online. Join here

Please bring ID and proof of address when you come to the library to verify your account. 

If you have any further questions regarding

Fine Free Tairāwhiti please Contact Us