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The Savage Club Collection

This is a vast collection of music (around 1,000 pieces) that was presented to the HB Williams Memorial Library in late 1981. It had been accumulated over a 50 year period by the local Savage Club, which was an all-male club restricted to men who had a talent in a performing art either musical, or in performing skits and sketches. Most of its early pieces had been arranged by the club's founder, Mr. Mainland Foster. Mr. Wilfred Kohn took over the orchestra in the 1940's and extended the collection by purchasing music from the USA and Great Britain. The most popular type of music performed seems to have been show selections such as pieces by Gilbert and Sullivan.

By the 1970's the numbers of club members began to lessen and in 1981 the committee decided to call it a day. Once the HB Williams Memorial Library acquired the collection it was card catalogued so it could be borrowed. In the late 1980's it was relocated upstairs and is today searchable through the online library catalogue.